Where are you located? How far will you travel?

I am located in Overland Park but I travel all over the KC metro! If you live outside of the metro, shoot me a message! I am more than happy to travel! If you live 15 miles outside of 66213, there is a $35 travel fee for the KC metro area.

Do you have a studio?

I do not have a studio! I shoot on location or in your home! You can’t beat natural light in my opinion! I put a lot of time and energy into location scouting so I can have the best locations available for your session. If you are looking for a studio session, I am more than happy to rent one for an additional fee.

When do you book sessions?

Sunrise and sunset have the BEST light! It’s so soft and gorgeous! Perfect for every type of session! If that time doesn’t work for your schedule, let me know! We can try and find an alternative time that works for both parties!

How much do you charge?

Jump on over to the Investment page to find all the details.

Do you offer mini sessions?

I do offer them occasionally but not often! If you would like to be in the “know” of when I’m having my next one, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know all the details!

Do you offer discounts?

I do offer 10% off to active military families and I will occasionally offer discounts and promotions on social media. Like my page, follow me, and subscribe to the newsletter to see what I’m offering!

What should I wear?

After you book a session with me, I will send you a detailed guide on suggestions I have on what to wear. It’s important to feel comfortable and be true to who you are!

What is your style?

I don’t have just ONE style. My approach to photography is very specific to each, individual client. Life isn’t just black and white and your session shouldn’t be either! I want to capture you exactly as you are! Genuine, authentic, real!  

What sessions do you photograph?

Jump on over to my portfolio to see my work! If you don’t see something you’re looking for, shoot me a message and let’s talk about it!

What locations do you suggest?

The location to your session all depends on what you’re looking for! Once you book, we’ll discuss what you’re wanting for your session. If you want urban cityscape or woodsy fields, I have it covered!

Do I have to buy prints from you?

You don’t have to buy prints from me but I DO offer professional grade prints. When I get my personal pictures taken, I am thankful that I have digital images to share online with family or to print again if something happens to the original print! I am a BIG believer in getting your images printed to have beautiful memories for your family to enjoy because cd’s and usb drives will eventually be obsolete technology and computer hard drives fail. Printing your images is the ONLY way to guarantee you’ll be able to enjoy your images after your session. I have suggestions on where to get them printed if you choose not to purchase from me.

Should I hire someone to do my hair and makeup?

If you want one less thing to worry about before your session, I highly recommend it! I have a hair and makeup artist that I work with that would love to help you look your best for your session. I want your session to be completely genuine to you and if makeup isn’t your thing, no big deal! If you’re smiling and having a good time, it’s going to come across in your pictures, regardless if you’re wearing makeup. My boudoir sessions include hair and makeup.

What happens if there is inclement weather, family illnesses, or an emergency?

Life happens! I totally get that! We will work on rescheduling to fit both of our schedules.

Can you tell me how to pose?

I will pose you from head to toe during a boudoir session! However, I don't necessarily pose you during a lifestyle session but I will help guide you and make suggestions so you can look your best. I do NOT do any posing of any kind during a birth session. 

Do you have or use props?

The only props that I have and use are blankets, quilts, and couches.  I don’t offer props because I want each client to supply anything they might want to include in their session so that it’s authentic to them!